Doctor Who Appreciation Society

Two Days back with Doctor Who – A Guest’s Eye View of Capitol IV

Doctor Who may be a worldwide phenomenon unlike any other today, but back in the 1970s, its fandom was small, although growing, and one organisation, the Doctor Who Appreciation Society, was at the forefront of celebrating the BBC’s best-known science… Read More ›

Peter Capaldi’s own art features in Doctor Who Appreciation Society charity auction 

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society‘s latest charity auction is now open, and includes some great items donated by Peter Capaldi, including his own copy of the original readthrough script for ‘Listen’ (with annotations!).  The Society also have some signed merchandise… Read More ›

Seventh Doctor in the Spotlight in free Celestial Toyroom Annual

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society has just published the Celestial Toyroom Annual 2017 as a free digital download, spotlighting the era of the Seventh Doctor, played by Sylvester McCoy. Released as a “Christmas present to everyone” as part of the Society’s 40th… Read More ›

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