Snapshot in Time: Brian Woodford and The Launch of Boys’ World, Part Two

A Short Introduction: Before his unexpected passing in 2016, author Roger Perry – a longtime contributor to this site and veteran of the British comics industry – sent downthetubes a number of articles which we planned to run, working back… Read More ›

The Copyright Cheat Affair: the hair-raising time The Man from U.N.C.L.E met Britain’s Barracuda comic hero

In the second of a series of articles, publisher, comics creator and historian of Tamil comics Nathan Viswa reveals some more disturbing and bizarre instances of British comics conflagration and copyright theft on the Indian sub-continent… When British publisher Fleetway… Read More ›

Comic Book Hero: Looking back on a time when celebrities courted comics, not the other way round!

In the 1960s, 70s and 80s, children’s comics were a massive part of a young person’s life. Comic Book Hero by former comics editor Barrie Tomlinson – out on 1st September 2017 – tells the story behind the production of comics… Read More ›

In Review: It’s Ghastly, the untimely demise of “Scream!” (Not for the nervous…)

Greetings mortals! Don’t expect an objective review of It’s Ghastly, the new Comic Archive from Hibernia Comics (their third), because I’ve been waiting for this publication for over 30 years. I was absolutely the right age to be into Fleetway Editions short-lived… Read More ›

Scream! in the spotlight: a wonderfully ghastly new Comic Archive from Hibernia Comics!

We’ll be running a fuller review of this cracking new title from Hibernia Comics soon, but I couldn’t not give an early plug to their latest brilliant ‘Comic Archive’, It’s Ghastly, the untimely demise of Scream!, on sale now. The third… Read More ›

Landmark British Comics: Looking Back on TV21 Issue 200

Yesterday’s news that The Phoenix had reached its 200th issue has certainly gone down well among British comic fans, but the publisher’s carefully worded claim that it was the first “independently-published weekly” comic to reach that landmark since 1969 has… Read More ›

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