Gerry Anderson

Spectrum is Indestructible gets publication date at last

Regular downthetubes readers will recall we’ve previously plugged Fred McNamara‘s Spectrum is Indestructible book – an unofficial guide to all things Captain Scarlet – and it now has a December 2019 release date. Publication faced one final hurdle, dependent on… Read More ›

WebFind: “Return to Cloudbase” by Supermarionation Recreations – and a new puppet show project

Back in August 2017, the team at Supermarionation Recreations learned that nothing significant was being done to mark the 50th anniversary of the original Captain Scarlet TV series. Agreeing this was a missed opportunity, as fans of the show they felt… Read More ›

Gerry Anderson’s “The Investigator” props in upcoming Vectis auction

The speedboat and sports car models from the pilot episode of Gerry Anderson‘s unmade series The Investigator are to be offered at the Teesside Auction House, Vectis, on Thursday 26th September 2019. The two vehicles in the sale where created… Read More ›

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