It’s snow joke – artist Graeme Neil Reid’s Halloween art raffle is not for the nervous!

All things spooky and creepy crawl out for Halloween and this month’s art raffle from artist Graeme Neil Reid features two nasty hags riddled with evil and murderous intent! Graeme is a Scottish artist who now works primarily in traditional… Read More ›

Hallowe’en Comic Tales: A Wrong Turning by Dave Morris and Martin McKenna

A few years ago authors Roz and Dave Morris (the former, a fantastic source of advice on writing tips as well as a brilliant well-established writer, the latter currently promoting the marvellous graphic novel project Mirabilis via Patreon) spent a week… Read More ›

Enjoy a taste of the macabre with celebrated Lancaster author AS Chambers this Hallowe’en

A.S.Chambers, Lancaster’s master of the macabre (and one of Lancaster Comics Day’s most fervent supporters), will be making a special appearance at Lancaster Library this Hallowe’en weekend. On the 29th October he will be holding a one off event, where he will… Read More ›

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