Klep! “Cosmic Comics” is a Kevin O’Neill comics miscellany that may burn your eyeballs!

Independent publisher Hibernia has teamed up with the Treasury of British Comics to publish Cosmic Comics, a terrific, eye-searing collection of legendary comic creator Kevin O’Neill’s formative work on such titles as 2000AD, Lion, Tornado and Starlord

Hibernia’s Fleetway Files, an incredible history of British comics, flies off the shelves!

  New from independent publisher Hibernia is the brilliant The Fleetway Files, the fourth release in the publisher’s  ‘Comic Archive’ series. It’s an utterly brilliant guide to the background behind some of Britain’s best-loved comics, crammed with amazing interviews and features…. Read More ›

Ten Years in the British Comics Archives: An Interview with Hibernia’s David McDonald

David McDonald is one of the men behind Hibernia Comics, an independent publisher that reprints classic British comics and produces the non-fiction Comic Archive series, a project that began with a collection of Doomlord from New Eagle a decade ago…. Read More ›

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