Van Helsing’s Terror Tales rises from the grave

Available now direct from its original editor is a smashing collection of “Van Helsing’s Terror Tales“, strips first published in House of Hammer back in the 1970s. Unashamedly capitalising on the huge interest in the horror genre of the time, not only in the cinemas but thanks to late night film screenings on the BBC, combining aContinue reading Van Helsing’s Terror Tales rises from the grave

The House of Hammer Issue 10. Cover by Brian Lewis

House of Hammer Returns?

(Updated 24th February 2016): Titan Comics has announced a partnership with Hammer Films, publishing adaptations of the studio’s classic titles as well as all-new properties. Announced at the comic book retailer conference ComicsPro earlier today, Titan  says the line will launch in time for Hallowe’en of this year. “Hammer is the home of some ofContinue reading House of Hammer Returns?

Hammer Films Update

The official Hammer Films website has today launched a new online shop selling items associated with the vintage British film studio. Items for sale include DVDs, books and T-shirts, along with some new reproduction film posters. But that’s not the only news from the House of Horror because there’s quite a lot happening in theContinue reading Hammer Films Update