Jason Cobley

First female writer to join Commando’s ranks in over 30 years debuts with “Shadow in the Storm!”

Brand new issues of Commando (Issues 5227 – 5230) are out this Thursday, offering shark-infested seas, French Resistance showdowns and Battle of Britain pilots. The latest stories also include a new story of World War Two Air Transport Auxiliary’s female… Read More ›

Spoiling for a Brawl(er)! An interview with Time Bomb Comics publisher Steve Tanner

Brawler is a great looking new comics project from Time Bomb Comics – and a Kickstarter campaign for pre-orders that launched just last week has already hit target. downthetubes caught up with publisher Steve Tanner to talk to him about… Read More ›

Weird War – and look Who’s involved in the latest Paragon anthology!

Sweet Nellie Bligh! The latest issue of indie comics anthology Paragon, edited by Davey Candlish, looks brilliant! What other comic has Doctor Who and Ian Fleming fighting Saddam Hussein? Because that’s what you get in “Shadow Rats: WMD“, written by… Read More ›

Paragon Annual Boldly Goes with Spoofs and Paradox!

Like the sales starting in December, wearing a Christmas jumper ironically or putting glitter in your hipster beard, the Paragon annual edited by Davey Candlish has become a recent tradition. Paragon is an old-school boys-own action/adventure comic reminiscent of 2000AD, Eagle, Warlord, Battle and other… Read More ›

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