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Do you remember Lion’s “Danger Man” comic strip?

Back in the 1960s, the success of James Bond in print and on the big screen spawned or inspired many similar heroes – and heroines – on TV and comics. One of them was the hugely-popular British series Danger Man, starring Patrick McGoohan, who would go on to star in the cult show The Prisoner. One of the show’s comic spin-offs is less well known than others…

WebFind: Look and Learn, Treasure illustrations galore from Holloway Fine Art

Quite by chance, I came across the eBay page Holloway Fine Art, which is offering hundreds of artworks from classic annuals, books magazines such as Look and Learn and Treasure, including 1980s Famous Five illustrations by Leslie Branton. Also on… Read More ›

Why Rebellion’s acquisition of IPC’s “classic comics” is great news for fans

David McDonald of Hibernia Comics, publishers of a number of limited edition collections and Archive books, assesses the impact Rebellion’s purchase of the IPC comics archive from TI Media and what it may mean for fans of British comics… The… Read More ›

Eagle Daze: On Artists’ Agents (and may God bless their cotton socks!)

We are pleased to publish Part Five of the memories of Roger Perry – memories of now more than half-a-century ago – of his days at Fleetway Publications and beyond, working on Girl, Eagle, WHAM! and other titles… During those lucid moments when… Read More ›

Blasé Books celebrates British comics with new issue of “Scraps”

(Via Lew Stringer): Blasé Books, the company that sells British comic art from the IPC archives purchased by Peter Hansen some years back, have announced the imminent publication of Scraps, an irregular fanzine devoted to British comics. Available from the… Read More ›

Book Palace release "Illustrated British Classics"

Book Palace Books have just published Illustrated British Classics featuring some simply stunning-looking strips collecting three stories – King Solomon’s Mines, Allan Quatermain and Montezuma’s Daughter, each written by H Rider Haggard, the father of the lost-world genre. The three… Read More ›

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