John Ryan

Clean Living! How Britain’s “Arrow” comic helped promote healthy teeth in the 1960s

I recently came across copies of a 1960s promotional comic, Gibbs Ivory Castle Arrow, which had a roster of creators that’s as impressive as regular comics of the period such as Eagle – including Captain Pugwash creator John Ryan and John… Read More ›

Celebrating “ABC Film Review”, Boys Adventure Blog spotlights the Dan Dare and other comic strips the magazine published

  When news that the last ever ABC cinema has closed reached the ears of downthetubes writer Richard Sheaf, he began a series of features on its inhouse magazine, ABC Film Review, over on the Boys Adventure Blog, spotlighting some of the… Read More ›

Eagle Daze: The Life and Times of Leonard James Matthews – Part Seven

Leonard Matthews, General Managing Editor of Fleetway and the Eagle Group of Comics, was a Creative Visionary… but that, Roger Perry argues in his extensive biography of the man which continues here on downthetubes, is only due to him having utilised the ideas… Read More ›

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