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Rare one-shot 1960s Dan Dare zine featuring contributions from Ron Embleton and Frank Hampson, heads to Classic UK Comic Zines digital archive

A new item destined for the Classic UK Comics Zines archive thanks to downthetubes contributor Richard Sheaf is a rare edition of the one-shot fanzine published in October 1969, Ultima Thule, thanks to its original editor, artist and Dan Dare fan… Read More ›

Creating Comics: An Archive Interview with Roy of the Rovers co-creator Frank S. Pepper

The Continuing Adventures of Frank S. Pepper This feature offers the full text of an interview Andrew Darlington conducted with the legendary writer Frank S. Pepper, extracted from a long series of correspondence, exactly as it was published in the… Read More ›

Re-discovering Vintage Cereal Packets, and how one Star Trek memory still plagues my fuzzy brain

This week’s “Rabbit Hole” mission across the web started with memories of  Letraset’s marvellous “Action Transfers” – specifically, Joe 90 “instant transfers” which if memory serves, I acquired through an offer on the back of a cereal packet… and ended… Read More ›

The Impossible Space Helmet: Why Frank Hampson’s “Dan Dare” drives engineers crazy, but delights us still

Commando artist Keith Page follows up his profile of French artist Hugo Pratt with a look at the work of “Dan Dare” creator Frank Hampson… Anyone can see that Dan Dare’s space helmet just wouldn’t work. How could you possibly… Read More ›

Dan Dare “The Venus Campaign” classic story collection revealed, and first ever collections of some stories on their way

Titan Comics will launch Dan Dare: The Venus Campaign its first “bumper” collection of classic Dan Dare stories in November, following a format similar to its James Bond compendiums, using new scans of the stories featured. Plus, there’s news of new… Read More ›

In Review: Spaceship Away Issue 38 featuring Dan Dare

Issue 38 – Spring 2016 Edited by Des Shaw Writers: Charles Chilton, Tim Booth, Ron Turner Artists: Tim Booth, Ron Turner, Martin Baines, Graham Bleathman, Terence Patrick Photo Visuals: Martin Bower Feature Writers: Andrew Darlington, Philip Harbottle, Sean Wallace, Alan Vince… Read More ›

Eagle Daze: The Life and Times of Leonard James Matthews – Part Three

Leonard Matthews, General Managing Editor of Fleetway and the Eagle Group of Comics, was a “Creative Visionary”… but that, Roger Perry argues in his extensive biography of the man which continues here on downthetubes, is only due to him having utilised… Read More ›

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