Crowdfunding Spotlight: How to THINK when you WRITE BOOK by Robin Etherington

Robin Etherington’s How to THINK when you WRITE book has already smashed its target on Kickstarter, but if you haven’t already backed it, or got your hands on copies of his brother Lorenzo’s How to THINK when you DRAW books, this is your chance to do so

Rok of the Reds returns in “Rok the God”, ashcan available!

Ahead of the launch of a much-anticipated Kickstarter to fund the next “Rok of the Reds” story Rok the God, the team behind the project have announced a free digital version of Chapter One will be accessible to all on Rok’s forthcoming Kickstarter (October 2nd – mark the date!).

Crowdfunding Spotlight: The Tide Volume Two by Adam Lumb

Independent Sheffield creator and comics publisher Adam Lumb is currently seeking crowdfunding for Volume Two of his dark fantasy thriller series The Tide on Kickstarter. I was one of the people who backed the first volume last year on the basis of Adam’s pitch and promotional art, and like many others, I wasn’t disappointed by its initial promise

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