Look and Learn

Snapshot in Time: Brian Woodford and The Launch of Boys’ World, Part One

A Short Introduction: Before his unexpected passing in 2016, author Roger Perry – a longtime contributor to this site and veteran of the British comics industry – sent downthetubes a number of articles which we planned to run, working back… Read More ›

Rebellion announces new “Trigan Empire” Collections, launching in 2020

2000 AD publishers Rebellion have announced a collected edition program for the classic British comic strip “The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire“, co-created by Mike Butterworth and Don Lawrence, launching March 2020. The new mass market collections, which will be release… Read More ›

WebFind: Look and Learn, Treasure illustrations galore from Holloway Fine Art

Quite by chance, I came across the eBay page Holloway Fine Art, which is offering hundreds of artworks from classic annuals, books magazines such as Look and Learn and Treasure, including 1980s Famous Five illustrations by Leslie Branton. Also on… Read More ›

Essential British Comics Reference: Bear Alley Books’ “Ranger The National Boys’ Magazine”

Online discussion about where a piece of art by the talented British comic artist Ron Embleton (TV Century 21, Look and Learn, Ranger, World of Wonder) might have been published prompted Bear Alley Books publisher Steve Holland to remind me… Read More ›

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