Mick Austin’s “Marvelman” Warrior cover on offer at Heritage Auctions

Mick Austin‘s Marvelman cover for Warrior Issue 16  – published back in 1983 – is up for auction on Heritage Auctions, with the lead bid currently at over $2,200 – but that might prove a fraction of what it finally sells for, given… Read More ›

Dundee lecturer Chris Murray investigates “The British Superhero” (and a Marvelman book you should read, too)

We’re not entirely sure how The British Superhero by the University of Dundee’s Chris Murray slipped under our radar when the University of Mississippi Press published it back in 2017, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t plug it now,… Read More ›

Publisher Dez Skinn releases Limited Edition “Warrior #0” for the 1980s anthology’s many fans

Author and publisher Dez Skinn has released a special limited edition print of the original dummy that helped launch his award-winning comics anthology Warrior, the original home of Alan Moore and Garry Leach’s Marvelman (now Miracleman), V for Vendetta (co-created… Read More ›

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