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Tammy & Jinty Special 2019 Cover and line-up Reveal, Forbidden Planet Signing announced

Rebellion have revealed the cover of their eagerly-awaited Tammy & Jinty Special by Roy of the Rovers artist Lisa Henke, and more information on the content has now been revealed via Rebellion direct – and in an interview with editor Lizzie Boyle and writer Rob Williams conducted by Stephen Jewell online, ahead of coverage by Richard Bruton for the next issue of Comic Scene

Silent Killer: 32 Kills by Mike Garley, Andy Clift, out now from Comichaus

32 Kills , a new project by Mike Garley and Andy Clift, published by Comichaus is getting its launch at Thought Bubble this weekend, and is available on the publisher’s digital comics platform, available to read now on the Comichaus app. Co-created… Read More ›

Mike Garley launches Kickstarter for “Samurai Slasher”, a spoof movie comics anthology

    A Kickstarter for Samurai Slasher, a comic anthology based on a fake 1980s slasher film, has just launched, a story written by Mike Garley (the man behind Dead Roots, Eponymous and The Kill Screen and chock full of UK talent. The 38-page title will feature… Read More ›

In Review – The Kill Screen: Cascade

  Writer: Mike Garley Art: Josh Sherwell Letters; Mike Stock Web: http://mikegarley.com/the-kill-screen “Humanity has reached its Kill Screen. Now only the strongest will survive as computer errors transcend from the digital world in to our own, destroying everything in their way. Set… Read More ›

Raygun Roads project gets set for full launch at Lakes International Comic Art Festival

Regular readers will recall we plugged the upcoming launch of indie project Raygun Roads back in July – an incredible-looking multi-media project that includes a music album, written by Owen Michael Johnson, designed by Andy Bloor, drawn by Indio and… Read More ›

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