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Myriad Editions’ Corinne Pearlman talks publishing, new First Graphic Novel Competition

The latest Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast leads with an interview with Corinne Pearlman, Creative Director at Myriad Editions, publishers of graphic novels such as Darryl Cunningham‘s upcoming Billionaires (launching 7th November), and the recently-released Sensible Footwear by Kate… Read More ›

In Review: Benjamin Dix and Lindsay Pollock’s powerful “Vanni”

By Benjamin Dix and Lindsay Pollock Published by Myriad Editions & New Internationalist New Internationalist and Myriad Editions have collaborated on another graphic reportage work, following the fascinating and moving Escaping War and Waves by Olivier Kugler last year (reviewed… Read More ›

Challenging Conventions: Lakes International Comic Art Festival set to tackle society taboos next month

This year’s Lakes International Comic Art Festival in Kendal next month will feature comic artwork and writers who are tackling some of the biggest issues and taboos facing society. Offering a wide ranging programme, events will include appearances by artists… Read More ›

Kate Charlesworth guest of honour at Helsinki Comics Festival 2019

Comic creator Kate Charlesworth, whose sensational graphic memoir, Sensible Footwear: A Girl’s Guide is out now from Myriad Editions, is this year’s guest of honour at Helsinki Comics Festival 2019, taking place this coming weekend, an event that aims to raise awareness for comics as a social force of change

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