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Amnesty International launches superhero-styled #SendBackUp Human Rights Defenders campaign

Inspired by Marvel and DC Superheroes, Amnesty UK have created a unique and inspiring take on a superhero collective – ‘The Human Rights Defenders’, aiming to spotlight the work of real life heroes battling for their rights worldwide. Passion is their power, and human rights for all is their mission – and the latest issue of Amnesty magazine features them in an eight page insert, with art by Marvel and DC artist Neil Edwards.

Something For the Weekend: Universes Reborn and Controversial Revamps! (New Comics w/c 23/5/16)

Top US publishers DC Comics and Marvel are competing like crazy to grab  your hard-earned pounds with revamps of top characters and universes at the moment – and my, what a fuss about Captain America, eh? Along the way, there’s some great stuff coming… Read More ›

Something For The Weekend: US Comics On Sale 14th October 2015 – Assassin’s Creed Launches!

Here’s this week’s run down of new comics on sale in comic shops across the UK, with the emphasis, as ever, on titles that are the work of British creators and published by British publishers. Along with another page-turning and… Read More ›

In Review: Octobriana – The Underground History

By John A. Short Publisher: Kult Creations Format: 120 pages long. A signed, numbered, limited edition of 300. Colour/Black & white Price: £9.99 UK The Book:  This lavishly illustrated book features the full story behind cult, underground, communist superheroine – Octobriana…. Read More ›

Brought to Book: John A. Short talks about communist comic hero Octobriana

The more obscure the band in certain areas of music the cooler they are. The underground, crazy named and most importantly obscure horror movies are also considered cool. Right?  So, a character called Octobriana that is out of copyright, and… Read More ›

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