Neil Edwards

Amnesty International launches superhero-styled #SendBackUp Human Rights Defenders campaign

Inspired by Marvel and DC Superheroes, Amnesty UK have created a unique and inspiring take on a superhero collective – ‘The Human Rights Defenders’, aiming to spotlight the work of real life heroes battling for their rights worldwide. Passion is their power, and human rights for all is their mission – and the latest issue of Amnesty magazine features them in an eight page insert, with art by Marvel and DC artist Neil Edwards.

Something For the Weekend: Universes Reborn and Controversial Revamps! (New Comics w/c 23/5/16)

Top US publishers DC Comics and Marvel are competing like crazy to grab  your hard-earned pounds with revamps of top characters and universes at the moment – and my, what a fuss about Captain America, eh? Along the way, there’s some great stuff coming… Read More ›

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