Nicola Streeten

WebFind: “Why Are There No Women Cartoonists?” by Cinders McLeod

Cinders McLeod – writer, satirist, artist, doublebassist and creator of the Moneybunnies series, financial literary for kids – drew a cartoon in 1991 in response to the oft-asked question “why are there no women cartoonists?” 20 year later, in 2011,… Read More ›

Transitions 8 Programme announced

The Centre for Contemporary Literature has announced the programme for Transitions 8, their eighth symposium dedicated to comics and graphic narrative. Taking place next month, speakers include Barbara Chamberlin, Corinna Lenhardt and Nicola Streeten, with the free event including a round… Read More ›

Myriad Editions set to celebrate women cartoonists and comic creators in Britain with “The Inking Woman”

Due for release in March, Myriad Editions The Inking Woman by Nicola Streeten and Cath Tate, will be published one week after a study of early female cartoonist, Marie Duval. Taking its name from the terrific The Inking Woman exhibition… Read More ›

Call For Papers: Documenting Trauma: Comics and the Politics of Memory Symposium, Oxford

The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH), which offers the city’s humanities scholars to collaborate with researchers across other disciplines, and institutions, has issued a Call For Papers for a day-long symposium  to be hosting here in Oxford on 22nd June 2017. (The… Read More ›

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