Osmarco Valladão

Oozing Talent, new volume of Aces Weekly is up, running and blasting from your nearest screen!

Volume 43 of digital comics anthology Aces Weekly is running now – a seven-week, seven-part voyage of wonder offering a global reach of terrific talent including Chris Geary, Jok LP, Carlos Pascoa, Rodolfo Santullo, Anthony Smith, Ben Bernard-Smith, Tobias Taitt… Read More ›

New Year, and a New Aces Weekly volume to kick it off with!

Aces Weekly Volume 43 is on the horizon! The next volume of the brilliant digital anthology launches on Monday 30th December 2019, delivered by a cool crew of classy talent from beyond the many shores of the seven seas, including Chris Geary, Carlos Pascoa, Ben Bernard-Smith, Jok LP, Rodolfo Santullo, Osmarco Valladão, Anthony Smith, and Tobias Taitt.

Aces Weekly back with Scarpa, Baskerville, Langridge and – Psycho Granny!

Volume Six of this revolutionary digital comic Aces Weekly begins its latest seven-issue, seven-week this week, once again showcasing some of the brightest talent from across the globe in an exclusively digital weekly comic art magazine published by David Lloyd…. Read More ›

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