Doctor? Doctor Who? Graeme Neil Reid’s latest Art Raffle celebrates two takes on Britain’s favourite time traveller

There’s a return to familiar territory for artist Graeme Neil Reid for his incredible monthly Art Raffle he runs to encourage Patreon support for his work – but with some not so familiar faces. Graeme is a Scottish artist who… Read More ›

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Mirabilis – Year of Wonders by Dave Morris and Leo Hartas

Many downthetubes readers will recall  Mirabilis: Year of Wonders – a wonderful, beautifully written and realised graphic novel project by Dave Morris and Leo Hartas, which first debuted in The DFC and which Print Media Productions planned to publish as a series graphic albums. Sadly,… Read More ›

Doctor Who artist Rachael Smith launches new Patreon campaign

Rachael Smith, artist behind The Rabbit, Artificial Flowers and the humour comics in Titan Comics’ Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor comic series, has just launched a Patreon campaign which will hopefully enable her to continue with her webcomic, Bess. Hebden Bridge-based Rachael’s debut graphic novel House… Read More ›

An Instant Retrospective: Al Davison’s “Muscle Memory” event announced

Al Davison: A.K.A. The Astral Gypsy is creating an exhibition for a live audience, to support the completion of his new graphic novel memoir Muscle Memory, via crowd-funding platform Patreon. Founded in May 2013 and based in San Francisco, California,… Read More ›

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