Paul Neary

Marvel UK Mysteries: Who Remembers “Blood-Cede” and “Graviton”?

Discussion of comics copyright and trademarks of classic British comics spurred by Rebellion’s established ownership of the TV21 brand led me to investigate which titles Marvel Comics registered in Britain. Or, largely, Marvel UK – who were keen to put their very firm property stamp on various projects down the decades. My investigations turned up some interesting “Might Have Been” titles from the 1990s.

Flashback: The Dawn of Marvel UK’s “Genesis 1992” Project with Liam Sharp, Bryan Hitch and more

Before Marvel UK’s “Genesis 1992” characters first spread their wings in their first US format books and weekly British comic Overkill, Editorial Director Paul Neary and I put together a promotional booklet promoting the characters, printed on the office photocopiers,… Read More ›

Missing in Action: Heroquest at Marvel UK, and the RPG magazine that never happened

Back in my Marvel UK days, I edited a one-off Heroquest magazine at Marvel UK – a one shot special licensed from Games Workshop that has some notable creators involved and, as downthetubes contributor Richard Sheaf notes over on his… Read More ›

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