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Manchester’s National Football Museum’s 65th anniversary Roy of the Rovers exhibition opens next week

Celebrate the 65th anniversary of Roy of the Rovers with a visit to the dedicated pop-up exhibition at Manchester’s National Football Museum, which opens next week, on Friday 19th July. The Melchester Rovers legend made his first appearance in Tiger… Read More ›

Rebellion announces new “Trigan Empire” Collections, launching in 2020

2000 AD publishers Rebellion have announced a collected edition program for the classic British comic strip “The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire“, co-created by Mike Butterworth and Don Lawrence, launching March 2020. The new mass market collections, which will be release… Read More ›

Rebellion’s Keith Richardson talks “Treasury of British Comics” plans, return of “The Vigilant”

There are exciting times ahead for fans of classic British comics as 2000AD publisher Rebellion expands its “Treasury of British Comics” line in 2019, taking full advantage of the huge range of characters and comic titles it now owns, from… Read More ›

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