Revolutionary War

Marvel UK Heroes Lost in Action: Officer Outbody by Glenn Dakin and Ross Dearsley

In the mid-1990s, after a period of intense activity and hugely successful sales on titles that included Death’s Head II, Warheads, Motormouth and Killpower in the US and Doctor Who Magazine, The Real Ghostbusters, Overkill and Transformers in the UK,… Read More ›

Revolutionary War: Motormouth preview stirs some (good and bad) Marvel UK memories

Marvel have released a preview of Revolutionary War Part 6: Motormouth #1, on sale 12th March, which centres on the return of one of Marvel UK’s better-known characters thanks to her many appearances in Marvel tiles since the final days… Read More ›

Revolutionary War: Knights of Pendragon preview released, Cork signing announced

Marvel has released a preview of Revolutionary War #3: Knights of Pendragon (Warning! Potential spoilers in the art below), written by Rob Williams with Irish artist Will Sliney, on art – replacing Simon Coleby, who was the advertised artist in… Read More ›

The Return of the Marvel UK Heroes: An interview with Alan Cowsill

Unless you’ve been living under a stone, you’ll be aware we’ve been giving a lot of coverage to Marvel’s Revolutionary War series, featuring the return of the Marvel UK heroes first created at the instigation of the company’s Editorial Director,… Read More ›

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