Dogbreath 35 - cover by Stewart Davies and Darren Stephens

In Review: Dogbreath 35

Wrapped in a stunning cover from Stewart Davies and Darren Stephens, Dogbreath 35 – the latest issue of the longest-running 2000AD fanzine – is available now from Futurequake PressĀ (as is Zarjaz 32, which I’ll try and review later this week if I can) Within the 48 pages there are nine strips set in the worldContinue reading In Review: Dogbreath 35

Futuerequake 2017 - Cover SNIP

In Review: Futurequake 2017 (The “Idea Space” Issue)

The Book: FutureQuake 2017 is back to brighten the boring, Inspire the indolent and render the jaded jubilant! Within the 100 page issue witness 18 possible futures including the latest instalment of the astounding epic, “Idea Space”. The Review: I’ve been promising to finish this review of the latest FutureQuake special for weeks, but otherContinue reading In Review: Futurequake 2017 (The “Idea Space” Issue)