Salty Dogs

Shiver me timbers, Simon Bisley’s only gone and illustrated a pirate card game!

Walk the Plank, smite your enemy with the Black Spot or send in a Stowaway in Salty Dogs, a pirate-themed card game, illustrated by Simon Bisley., currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Without further do, we briefly hand over to the… Read More ›

Myriad Editions’ Corinne Pearlman talks publishing, new First Graphic Novel Competition

The latest Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast leads with an interview with Corinne Pearlman, Creative Director at Myriad Editions, publishers of graphic novels such as Darryl Cunningham‘s upcoming Billionaires (launching 7th November), and the recently-released Sensible Footwear by Kate… Read More ›

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