Something Wicked Issue 10

Something Wicked for Thought Bubble

  Have you ordered your copy of FutureQuake Press’s Something Wicked #10 yet? Wrapped in a cover from Jon Taylor, here’s the full line up of this ace horror comic anthology… “Graveyard Shift” (writer) David McCluskey, (art) Sam Weller, (letters) Bolt-01 “Angler” (writer) Richard Pearce, (art & letters) Jack Davies “The Fifty Yard Fox” (writer)Continue reading Something Wicked for Thought Bubble

Indigo Prime: Perfect Day DPS

Cup of O – 2000 AD Round-Up

Hello – ! Welcome to my second round-up and review of things happening over at 2000AD – the biggest event in the offing is without a doubt last week’s phenomenally ridiculous conclusion of the most recent run of Indigo Prime where (spoiler warning) Cthulhu bursts out of the face of Jesus (becoming Christhulhu naturally). The ripples of the entire breathtaking arc areContinue reading Cup of O – 2000 AD Round-Up