Kamikaze conjurors and bickering air-duo bail outs! New Commando comics on sale this week

Here’s the intel on the latest Commando war comics from DC Thomson (Issues 5087-5090), on sale in newsagents and various digital platforms this Thursday, 11th January 2018. Buckle up and get ready for evading raiders in the Kenyan bush, bickering… Read More ›

Channel Islands-set Commando spy adventure debuts this week

Here’s the details for the latest issues of DC Thomson’s Commando (Issues 5051-5054), on sale from Thursday 7th September 2017 in all good UK newsagents, various digital platforms and on subscription. Parachute into Nazi territory with spies, pilots, gunners, and… Read More ›

Lifeboat Heroes and Deadly Snipers stalk the latest Commando comics – on sale now

Brand new Commando issues 5043-5046 are out today (Thursday 10th August) from DC Thomson, on sale in all good newsagents and via various digital platforms. Ready your guns for incoming Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine and Wehrmacht as heroes face air, sea and… Read More ›

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