2000AD Prog 2070 - Cover SNIP

In Review: 2000AD Prog 2070

Brains in jars? All-out robot battles? creeping horror in Mega-City One? if only one of those concepts tickles your fancy, then it’s more than enough for you to pick up 2000AD Prog 2070, which comes with a thoroughly spooky, haunting cover from Dave Taylor. Judge Dredd is investigating weirdness thats arrived, Quatermass-style, in a shipContinue reading In Review: 2000AD Prog 2070

2000AD 2068 - Cover SNIP

In Review: 2000AD Prog 2068

Wrapped in a gripping cover by Nick Percival (oh, all right, I’ll leave the jokes for another time), this week’s 2000AD sees the end of Judge Dredd’s sojourn in Siberia – and what a trip that has been. Michael Carroll and Paul Davidson work seamlessly on this story, and I really enjoyed the way itContinue reading In Review: 2000AD Prog 2068

In Review: 2000AD 2066

I’ve been thrown off course this week by unexpected events both professional and family related, but just a quick plug for this week’s 2000AD, on sale now in all good newsagents and comic shops, and various digital platforms. Top thrill? Action wise it’s a toss up between another prison break-building episode of “Judge Dredd” andContinue reading In Review: 2000AD 2066

2000AD Prog 2063 - Cover SNIP

In Review: 2000AD Prog 2063

Wrapped in a cover from Neil Roberts, 2000AD Prog 2063 hits all good newsagents, comic shops and digital platforms today, Wednesday 10th January 2018. This week’s favourite dialogue? Got to be Fly-Trap’s “My tendrils… they’re throbbing!”. Yes, much in demand scripter Peter Milligan delivers full-on craziness in “Bad Company” this week, with Rufus Dayglo’s artContinue reading In Review: 2000AD Prog 2063