Simon Davis

Forking H***! Comic artists Boo Cook and Simon Davis go all (spookily) musical

We all know comic creators have many strings to their bows, and 2000AD artists Boo Cook and Simon Davis are no exception. They’ve just released an album via Bandcamp, Forktail, a love letter to all things folk horror/ Wicker Man and ancient… Read More ›

Warning: The latest 2000AD may nuke you from orbit… and it’s on sale now! (and grab some classic “Nemesis”, too!)

2000AD Prog 2055 is on sale today in all good newsagents and comic shops, offering a smorgasbord of thrills, complemented by another stunning “Slaine” cover from Simon Davis. My favourite story this issue is the latest episode of “Absalom” –… Read More ›

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