Draw Spider-Man for Maisy, and support the work of Read for Good

Spurred by the story of four-year-old Spider-Man and Elsa fan and avid book reader Maisy on BBC Children in Need, who is being treated for cancer, comics artist Neil Roche is asking comic artists to donate drawings of the Marvel superhero to charity Read for Good, to cheer young patients’ day

Spider-Man set to span two cinematic universes, Marvel film dates update

Good news for Spider-Man fans. Sony Pictures Entertainment and The Walt Disney Studios have jointly announced that Marvel Studios and its President Kevin Feige will produce the third film in the Spider-Man Homecoming starring Tom Holland. The film is scheduled… Read More ›

Polar Gear adds Spider-Man-inspired lunch bags to range

Is your younger sibling ready for a Spider-Man: Far Frome Home or Avengers-inspired summer road trip? Polar Gear’s Avengers Spider-Man lunch bag and bottle might be just the thing to brighten that car journey to the coast. You know, without them blasting the caravan in front of you with their super powers, or something

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