Stephen Baskerville

When Roy of the Rovers sponsored a football club – and a look at football club programmes

Report by Richard Sheaf, with additional reporting by John Freeman A recent social media post by ex-Fleetway editor Barrie Tomlinson alerted me to a 1990s football programme for St. Alban’s City Football Club, featuring cover art by “Billy’s Boots” artist… Read More ›

Harrier Comics revival continues at CEPG, 1980s strips revived for the 21st Century, tentative schedule revealed

Denver-based publisher CEPG is continuing to roll out new editions of some of the 1980s Harrier Comics titles that offered many now well-established  creators one of their first entry points into publishing thanks to publisher Martin Lock. CEPG’s publisher Mike… Read More ›

Creators join forces to raise funds for Bill Mantlo with “Transformers 100” signed issue

  Key comic creators involved in bringing Transformers to the comic book page, some over the past three decades, have banded together to offer a special Transformers #100 very limited multi-signed issue, to raise funds to aid US comic author Bill Mantlo…. Read More ›

Marvel’s Revolutionary War – Dakin, Elson and Erskine on board

The London Film and Comic Con featured two Marvel UK-related panels, the first a general celebration of the company’s US comics projects such as Death’s Head II and Warheads, attended by Stephen Baskerville, Alan Cowsill, John Freeman, Simon Furman, Andy… Read More ›

Aces Weekly back with Scarpa, Baskerville, Langridge and – Psycho Granny!

Volume Six of this revolutionary digital comic Aces Weekly begins its latest seven-issue, seven-week this week, once again showcasing some of the brightest talent from across the globe in an exclusively digital weekly comic art magazine published by David Lloyd…. Read More ›

Brit team bring Transformers fans biggest ever Optimus Prime-Megatron clash

Simon Furman, the comic creator who single handedly has probably done more to shape the mythology of Hasbro’s Transfomers than any other over the past two decades (and counting) is promising an epic battle in #85 of IDW’s latest Transformers… Read More ›

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