Stephen Prestwood

Paragon Annual Boldly Goes with Spoofs and Paradox!

Like the sales starting in December, wearing a Christmas jumper ironically or putting glitter in your hipster beard, the Paragon annual edited by Davey Candlish has become a recent tradition. Paragon is an old-school boys-own action/adventure comic reminiscent of 2000AD, Eagle, Warlord, Battle and other… Read More ›

Paragon Annual mixes old and new in great new collection

Not content with putting out the regular independent Paragon comic anthology, the ever-busy Davey Candlish has also published a Paragon Annual, featuring work by writers Greg Meldrum, Locust, Peter Salmond, The Emperor, Sean Brink and Davey himself; and artists Archie… Read More ›

Paragon Issue 15 delivered in time for Christmas – what a great present!

A new issue of Paragon, one of Britain’s terrific independently published anthologies is out now, just in time for Christmas – 44 pages of wonderful comic strips wrapped in a Mike Mignola-inspired cover by Davey Candlish and Jim Cameron. It’s… Read More ›

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