Supermarionation (and more) celebrated with shows old and new by Century 21 Films

A draughty warehouse on the Slough Trading Estate in the 1960s: what could possibly be so special about such a place? One word: Supermarionation… the term most associated with Gerry Anderson’s many TV shows, and the inspiration for Moon Rangers,… Read More ›

TV21 revived for one special Supermarionation celebration by Network

Network, the DVD and Blu-Ray label, has released a limited Blu-Ray edition of the wonderful Supermarionation documentary produced by Stephen La Riviere that includes  TV21 243, an alternate edition of the top selling comic from the 1960s; one in which Joe… Read More ›

Pre-orders open for Supermarionation Box Set featuring new TV Century 21 comic

Pre-buy orders have opened for Network’s special, limited edition Supermarionation box set featuring an all-new special edition of the popular 1960s comic TV Century 21 today (1st August). As we previously reported, called simply Supermarionation will be on sale from 20th October,following the premier… Read More ›

TV21 returns as part of ‘Supermarionation’ release from Network

(Updated, 22/7/14): Network, the DVD and Blu-Ray label, has officially announced the return of the legendary British weekly TV Century 21 (better known as TV21). The special comic is being published as a special supplement to Network’s ’Supermarionation’ limited edition… Read More ›

In Review: Gerry Anderson: A Life in Pictures

Edited by Stephen La Riviere Foreword by Jamie Anderson Publisher: Anderson Entertainment Media Limited 156 Pages Out: Now The Book: Gerry Anderson: A Life in Pictures photo book features carefully selected photographs from Gerry Anderson’s personal archive, from his childhood… Read More ›

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