Terrahawks to return as “Kate Kestrel and the Terrahawks”

Anderson Entertainment has announced a partnership with Tiny Giants to redevelop  Terrahawks for a 21st century audience, more than 30 years after its original run ended. Originally co-created by Gerry Anderson, best known for also co-creating Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and… Read More ›

Second Terrahawks Audio Series in the works from Big Finish

Anderson Entertainment has announced a second new audio series of Terrahawks, Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr’s 1983 cult TV series, with a deal to produce a further eight brand new episodes with production company and publisher Big Finish Productions Ltd,… Read More ›

Anderson Entertainment releases free Terrahawks episode online, web series in the works

  Anderson Entertainment are giving Terrahawks fans an early Christmas present with the free release of the Terrahawks Christmas episode – “A Christmas Miracle” – online via YouTube for 30 days from 10 December 2014. The episode has been digitally… Read More ›

New range of Anderson Collectibles in the works, Space:1999 posters announced

  Anderson Entertainment, the company founded by Gerry Anderson, creator of TV hits including Thunderbirds and which now has a number of new projects in the works based on his ideas, including the Gemini Force One novels, has signed a licensing… Read More ›

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