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BBC Four’s “Comics Britannia” re-visited

Back in 2007, the BBC broadcast Comics Britannia, a three-part documentary series devoted to history of British comics – a welcome and major retrospective of our medium (if a tad simplistic for some commentators tastes), that prompted a lot of creators to suggest the Corporation should do more to cover it

Desert Island Dix: The Globe at Hay probes “Klaxon” graphic novel co-creator

The Globe at Hay will be picking the mind of cartoonist Dix later this month, whose dark humour is often found in his cartoon work, and will make for a fascinating desert island picks night. Dix, vicar’s son from deepest darkest Wales, is a freelance illustrator,… Read More ›

Karrie Fransman heads up new Guardian comics masterclass in January

The Guardian newspaper has just announced a Comics Masterclass with Karrie Fransman, taking place in January in London. As with past classes run by Bryan Talbot and Pat Mills organised by the newspaper, “How to create successful comics and graphic… Read More ›

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