The Nervs

In Review: The Power Pack of Ken Reid (in a word – brilliant!)

Earlier this year, after years of waiting, a crowdfunding campaign was launched to collect all of humour cartoonist Ken Reid‘s Odhams comic strips of the 1960s – featured in Wham!, Smash!, and Pow! – into a pair handsome official hardback books. Those collections have now been printed,… Read More ›

Crowdfunding campaign on the way to bring Ken Reid’s Frankie Stein, The Nervs and more back to print

After years of waiting, fans of the brilliant cartoonist Ken Reid will be delighted to hear that an official collection of his contributions to Odhams comics of the 1960s –Wham!, Smash!, and Pow! – look set to be collected in two handsome official hardback books. The… Read More ›

Alan Moore to introduce new Ken Reid “Faceache” collection 

Watchmen and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen writer Alan Moore has written an introduction to the upcoming collection of some of Ken Reid‘s “Faceache” strips, Faceache: The First Hundred Scrunches. The hugely influential humour artist’s son, Antony Reid, also provides an… Read More ›

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