The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire

More Trigan Empire, Hugo Pratt on their way from Treasury of British Comics

Two of comics’ most revered names headline the 2020 graphic novel schedule from the Treasury of British Comics. Don Lawrence’s Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire and Hugo Pratt’s long-lost war comics published in War Picture Library are two… Read More ›

Phil Comics eBay auction offers Robert Nixon Buster art and more

The latest Phil-Comics on eBay auction features around 465 vintage comic related items, including original artwork from Beano and Buster artist Robert Nixon, a wide array of comics, annuals, holiday specials, books, batches and a few CGC graded comics to… Read More ›

Essential British Comics Reference: Bear Alley Books’ “Ranger The National Boys’ Magazine”

Online discussion about where a piece of art by the talented British comic artist Ron Embleton (TV Century 21, Look and Learn, Ranger, World of Wonder) might have been published prompted Bear Alley Books publisher Steve Holland to remind me… Read More ›

Book Palace announces Illustrators magazine special devoted to Trigan Empire, Storm artist Don Lawrence

Book Palace Books is to publish a special issue of Illustrators magazine devoted to Trigan Empire and Storm artist Don Lawrence, offering a comprehensive look at this incredible comic artist’s career. Don, who died in 2003, is best known for his… Read More ›

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