The Spider

When Batman got Knocked Off – and encountered British comics “The Spider” along the way!

In the first of a series of articles, publisher, comics creator and historian of Tamil comics King Viswa reveals some disturbing and bizarre instances of comics copyright theft by a Tamil comics publisher… Research and documents prove that the first… Read More ›

Is Time Inc UK hoping to revive its British Comic Characters for new films?

Admittedly reading between the lines a little, Time Inc UK – formerly IPC, owners of many pre-1970 comic characters ranging from The Spider and the Steel Claw to Faceache – announced the formation of a dedicated advertising film division at… Read More ›

Comics and Crumpets Column Three: British Comics characters revived – by DC

This feature first appeared on the now defunct Comic World News on 31st January 2005 BRITISH COMICS CHARACTERS REVIVED – BY DC This issue, I’ve got more information on two projects reviving some classic British comics — and am pleased… Read More ›

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