Phil Comics offers TV21, Tornado and “Curly Wee” rarities in latest eBay auction

There’s another astonishing array of comics and comic-related items on offer in the latest eBay auction from Phil Comics this month: hundreds of vintage comics, annuals, free gifts, holiday specials and more, in 550 odd listings, including some very rare and often much sought after Curly Wee annuals

Klep! “Cosmic Comics” is a Kevin O’Neill comics miscellany that may burn your eyeballs!

Independent publisher Hibernia has teamed up with the Treasury of British Comics to publish Cosmic Comics, a terrific, eye-searing collection of legendary comic creator Kevin O’Neill’s formative work on such titles as 2000AD, Lion, Tornado and Starlord

Starlord editor Kelvin Gosnell de-cloaks for latest The 2000 AD Thrill-Cast!

In the mid-1970s, a sub-editor at British comics publisher IPC read an Evening Standard newspaper article about a forthcoming movie called Star Wars. Spotting a potential gap in the market and encouraged by fellow IPC employee Pat Mills, he penned a… Read More ›

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