Traces of the Great War

Tracing the Great War: comics-inspired World War One teaching resource launches

A new World War One teaching resource has just been launched for 11 – 15 year-old students, based on the ambitious comic anthology Traces of the Great War. The online learning resources offer teachers of English, History and Humanities a… Read More ›

In Review: Traces of the Great War

Publisher: Image Comics (English Edition)/ Editions de la Gouttière (French Edition) Out: Now The Book: Traces of the Great War is a remarkable, original collection of 18 thought provoking graphic short stories bridging the past and present. Internationally-acclaimed comic book artists, graphic… Read More ›

Traces of the Great War tie-in education resource to get launch in Kendal

Hot on the heels of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival and the launch of the Traces of the Great War, the organisation, together with Lancaster University and their Educational Resources department, are launching a new learning resource that builds… Read More ›

Sneak Peek: Image Comics “Traces of the Great War” anthology launches this weekend at Lakes Festival

Poet Simon Armitage, Edmond Baudoin, Victoria Lomasko, Dave McKean and the UK’s Comics Laureate Charlie Adlard are among creators whose work features in a new international comic anthology – Traces of the Great War – which gets its launch during the Lakes international Comic Art Festival this… Read More ›

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