Crucible: The Walking-Notes of Truuug Vanderplatz ‘The Daunting’

Here’s another “Crucible” extra from co-creator Smuzz, focusing on our resident medical expert, Truug Vanderplatz, set before the first adventure. There’s more about Crucible here, and you can read the strip on Tapastic (publisher interest welcome). Truug’s notes are presented… Read More ›

Truugationary: The Wit and Wisdom of Truuglub Vanderpatz The Daunting

Please note, these are the only the terms known to date employed by the Chk’Rath, Truug, who features prominently in Crucible.  It will, over time, expand. Bellingly: Ironically. With thundering yet much-avoided inevitability. Bathetically. Chk’Rath: Truug’s species (see Episode One) Frentling: Pantomiming… Read More ›

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