Latest Phil-Comics includes rare first issue British comics complete with free gifts

eBay comics auction house Phil-Comics has around 260 vintage comic listings running this week, with bidding ending this Sunday 26th and Mon 27th January from 6.30pm onwards. Several first issues include 2000AD, Champion, Cor!!, Buster, Doctor Who Weekly, Swift, Valiant… Read More ›

British Comic Heroes under one roof! Rebellion snaps up TI Media’s classic comics catalogue

2000AD publishers Rebellion have acquired all the comic titles owned by TI Media, reuniting publications dating back to Comic Cuts with the titles they purchased from Egmont in 2016. This means virtually every classic British comic title published out of London… Read More ›

How so many British Adventure Comics became just one – Eagle – in the 1990s

Over on his brilliant Rusty Staples site, 2000AD writer Michael Carroll has begun a series of articles tracing the history of British comics, creating a series of “family trees” showing various mergers and more down the years. It’s something Alan… Read More ›

In Praise Of… Comic Artist Giorgio Giorgetti, creator of “Cat Girl”

Giorgio Giorgetti (1920-1982) was, as his name suggests, Italian, but moved to London in 1950, later setting up a studio in Margate. During his long career he worked on a diverse range of titles including Eagle, June, June and School Friend, Mirabelle, Tammy, Valiant and others.

Exclusive: Rebellion returns John Wagner’s One-Eyed Jack to duty in first Fleetway archive collection

As Judge Dredd prepares to celebrate his 40th birthday, downthetubes can exclusively reveal his publishers Rebellion are preparing to fire his ultra-violent origins from the 1970s and back into readers’ hands for the first time. The root of Britain’s biggest… Read More ›

Asterix and Tintin head for a clash of the Toon Titans at this year’s Lakes International Comic Art Festival

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, in partnership with Lancaster University, has announced further details of this year’s Festival Weekend Opening Night event on Friday 14th October – “Clash of the Toon Titans“, a battle between comic superstars Asterix and Tintin… Read More ›

Former Tharg Steve MacManus Set To Spill the Beans on 2000AD’s Early Days

2000AD has announced it is to publish the memories of arguably its most definitive editor – Steve MacManus – in September 2016. In 1973, 20-year-old Steve MacManus joined Fleetway Publications in London as a sub-editor on one of the UK’s… Read More ›

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