Gerry Anderson’s “The Investigator” props in upcoming Vectis auction

The speedboat and sports car models from the pilot episode of Gerry Anderson‘s unmade series The Investigator are to be offered at the Teesside Auction House, Vectis, on Thursday 26th September 2019. The two vehicles in the sale where created… Read More ›

British auction house Vectis teases massive Bronze Age comics sale, rare “The Investigator” toy car offered

Coming soon from British auction house Vectis is a massive sale of thousands of predominantly Bronze Age Marvel and DC comics. Bought from newsagents and stored away with the sole purpose of creating a collection, these comics are largely from… Read More ›

VECTIS massive Star Wars toys auction includes early play set building magazine collection

On Black Friday – a day of commercial discounting and special offers that originated with Amazon, it’s perhaps worth remembering that once, a long time ago in decades far, far away there were times when toys were expensive and often only bought… Read More ›

Robots on the march — Vectis tinplate toys auction announced, includes Flash Gordon rarity

Next month, on Tuesday 15th March, Vectis Auctions will present an ‘Out of this World’ collection of robots, space vehicles, flying saucers and rockets — almost 1000 pieces of tinplate, metal and plastic pieces from European, Japanese, Asian and American manufacturers, including a… Read More ›

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