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To The Death: Simon Furman And Geoff Senior talk world building and roads not taken on Death’s Head

This week sees the full launch of British comic creators Simon Furman and Geoff Senior’s creator owned story To The Death as a full digital package of 18 weekly web episodes, so how could we not catch up with them both… Read More ›

Creating Comics: Dos and Don’ts Advice for Creators Printing Their Comics for the First Time

We’re delighted to repost this nifty advice about getting your comics printed, posted recently by the folk at ComicPrintingUK. This isn’t a sponsored post – I simply came across the feature, which covers both printing tips and offers other useful… Read More ›

Marc Jackson’s ‘Man from Space’ lands online

Marc Jackson, one of the team at Macclesfield-based design agency Creative Hero, has just launched his Man from Space web comic – an all-ages, all-awesome (hopefully) outer-space adventures of a intergalactic hobo and his smart-mouthed sidekick Michael… the Goldfish. “It’s… Read More ›

In Review: The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator

Writer / Director: Edgar WriterArtist / Animator: Tommy Lee EdwardsNarrator: Julian BarrattMusic: Unloved (David Holmes, Keefus Green and Jade Vincent)Publisher: Microsoft 4 online episodes, approx 7 mins each The plot: Brandon Generator, a freelance writer with writer’s block, overdoes on… Read More ›

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