Power Pack of Ken Reid books must be won!

Earlier this year, after years of waiting, a crowdfunding campaign was launched to collect all of humour cartoonist Ken Reid‘s Odhams comic strips of the 1960s – featured in Wham!, Smash!, and Pow! – into a pair handsome official hardback collections. The limited collections are now on sale –… Read More ›

Crowdfunding Spotlight: How Irmantas Povilaika hopes to bring some classic Ken Reid comics back into print

When we recently reported on a plan to bring some of artist Ken Reid’s humour comics back into print with a crowdfunding appeal – “Frankie Stein” and the “The Nervs” to name but two – British comic fans greeted the… Read More ›

Crowdfunding campaign on the way to bring Ken Reid’s Frankie Stein, The Nervs and more back to print

After years of waiting, fans of the brilliant cartoonist Ken Reid will be delighted to hear that an official collection of his contributions to Odhams comics of the 1960s –Wham!, Smash!, and Pow! – look set to be collected in two handsome official hardback books. The… Read More ›

Wartime Beano Bonanza, rare Captain America reprint, Mickey Mouse Weekly #1 and more in latest Compal comics auction

There’s plenty for the dedicated British comics collector to savour in the latest ComPal comic book auction, with bidding via the-saleroom.com running until 27th November 2016. While there aren’t many art items on offer this time around, there are some… Read More ›

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