Looking Back: Exploring The World of Tomorrow in DC Thomson’s “Big Five” boys comics

Notoriously secretive DC Thomson still publish Beano and Commando, but their past comics included The Dandy and weekly anthology titles aimed at boys such as Hotspur and Adventure.  These specialised in sports, school and war stories, but also, occasionally, there… Read More ›

A Different Type of Star – Rejuvenating DC Thomson’s Red Star for a New Era

General Jumbo, The Smasher and  Supercats are just some of the classic British heroes back in print right now, thanks to a team of Scottish comic creators, DC Thomson and Comic Heroes magazine. As we previously reported, The Glasgow League of Writers has teamed up with publisher DC… Read More ›

Six-Gun Gorilla comics inspired by British pulp hero in the pipeline

Two comics projects inspired by an obscure British Pulp hero published by DC Thomson the 1930s are in the works, illustrating, perhaps, the potential pitfalls of reviving “Golden Age” heroes in the public domain. Six-Gun Gorilla was published in Wizard,… Read More ›

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