Yel Zamor

Creating Comics (and some dogged determination): Jasper Bark reveals the secrets of making “Parassassin”, his latest graphic novel

One of the most intriguing graphic novels I’ve read in the past few months is Parassassin by Jasper Bark with art by Alfa Robbi, first published in the brilliant digital anthology Aces Weekly but available now as a full-blown graphic… Read More ›

In Review: Super Robot Mayhem #1 Sample Art

Creative Team Created by Jeremy Biggs, Adrian Mursec Writer: Jeremy Biggs Artwork: Javier Bordon Design: Paul Nicholson Colours: Javier Bordon, Yel Zamor, Jeremy Biggs Letters: Jon Scrivens Publisher: Subversive Comics The Book: Have you ever wondered what would have happened… Read More ›

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