We Are The Masters of Mars…

Back in 2015, 2000AD artist Tony Luke and I batted around an idea for a short Dalek animated tale, pitching the Masters of Skaro from Doctor Who against Martian Rock Snakes, from Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.

The planned just-for fun animated encounter between the Daleks and the Martian Rock Snakes from Thunderbirds Are Go was inspired by one of his many paintings Sadly, although Tony did work up at last two animation tests, his declining health meant the story was never completed. Although he threw himself into the work, like other plans, including a revival of his Dominator project, his battle with his illness sabotaged its ongoing development.

Animation, was, of course, one of Tony’s great loves. Back in 1987, he developed a 12-minute stop-motion pilot for  “Nemesis the Warlock” series, which never made it to final release, but which Tony told me had caught the attention of 2000AD owner Jason Kingsley, with a view to reviving the idea.

While Tony may longer be with us, I had hoped the story might one day be completed. I did, after all, conceive a Daleks animated series with Keith Barnfather of Reeltime Pictures and filmmaker, editor, author, lecturer, and former SFX animator Kevin Jon Davies, author of and that gained the blessing of Dalek creator Terry Nation, before his then agent shot us down in flames.

For now, here’s the script for you to enjoy, and the short tests Tony created… thank you, sir, wherever you are…

We Are The Masters of Mars

A Proposed Animation Crossover
Story by John Freeman
With thanks to the late Tony Luke

Note: Need to establish players first quickly and then straight into action. Little or no dialogue 

Scene 1
Opens with three (or just one?) Dalek saucers heading toward Mars, echo shot of saucer approach from Forbidden Planet perhaps?

Scene Two
INT: Dalek saucer. Gold Dalek in command, on Dias so slightly raised above Red and Black Daleks who are closer to a large screen showing the Mysteron city. There is clear agitation on the part of the Red Dalek; the Mysterons are ancient enemies of the Daleks long thought extinct, wiped out like Klingons wipe out Tribbles.

If no dialogue the screen should have some kind of flashing text (in Dalek symbols – not sure if this might be in Dalek annuals?) which reads ENEMY OF THE DALEKS detected.

Scene Three
Head shot of Gold Dalek, screen in background, its lights flashing, ordering destruction of Mysteron City

Possible dialogue?

Gold Dalek: Our enemies will be exterminated…

Pull in further

Gold Dalek: We will be the Masters of Mars!

Exterminate! Exterminate!

Scene Four
Dalek hoverbouts spill from the Dalek saucers and head down to the Martian surface

Mysteron City Cutaway by Graham Bleathman
Mysteron City Cutaway by Graham Bleathman

Scene Five
Mysteron City exterior. We should, I think, see rock snake coils in shot as we zoom in but focus the eye on the city, so these are peripheral?

Captain Scarlet - Mysteron City © ITV Studios
© ITV Studios

Scene Six
The City is lashed from orbit by Dalek fire. Explosions!

Scene Seven
Shot of Dalek saucers shooting rays from orbit 

Scene Eight
Mysteron city blown up

Scene Nine
Dalek saucers speed to finish the destruction, now we see rock snake piles

Scene Ten
A Dalek saucer is cut in two!

Daleks versus Rock Snakes by and © Tony Luke
Daleks versus Rock Snakes by and © Tony Luke

Scene Eleven
The Daleks are caught by surprise as rock snakes attack. We see some unfurling in this sequence.

Despite Dalek attempts they are on the losing side and destroyed 

Scene Twelve
The rock snakes, victorious, look upwards…

Scene Thirteen 
– and fire upwards into space, their beans combining into one and then splitting into three..

Scene Fourteen 
… Blasting the Dalek saucers from orbit!

Scene Fifteen
In front of a renewed Mysteron city, a Dalek saucer perhaps crashing in the background (perhaps if possible we see one exploding but not vital), we also see the carnage of Daleks destroyed. 

Scene Sixteen
One lifts eye stalk feebly and is then still as Mysteron retro metabolism rings start to move over the wreckage… 

Mysteron Voice: We Are the Masters of Mars…

Fade to Black

Captain Scarlet - Mysteron Complex © ITV Studios
© ITV Studios

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TV Tornado No. 36, cover dated 16th September 1967. First appearance of The Mysterons
TV Tornado No. 36, cover dated 16th September 1967. First appearance of The Mysterons

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