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In Review: Omnivistascope

The latest issue of Omnivistascope, Paul Scott’s stunning-looking SF anthology comic, was released at the Bristol Comics Expo last month but what with one thing and another — among other things, scripting Ex Astris, writing a story for an upcoming… Read More ›

In Review: C2D4

Last month, newly launched publishers C2D4 (an aliteration of Comics To Die For), the brainchild of Essex-based duo artist and writer Tony Wicks and writer Martin Buxton launched their first three titles: Last of the Chickenhads, Jack in the Box,… Read More ›

Abadzis In The Times

Clearly not content with taking over The Guardian with the wonderful Cora’s Breakfast (see news story), Nick Abadzis reveals The Times will be serialising his new graphic novella The Trial of the Sober Dog, serialised in The Times every Monday… Read More ›

DFC Issue One is a Doozy!

The first issue of The DFC – Britain’s first, subscription-only weekly comic, combining humour and adventure strips in one smashing package, has just arrived in the post — and it’s a terrific start for the new title. While an anthology… Read More ›