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Comic Expo Update

With just five weeks to go until the largest comics show in the United Kingdom, guests and schedules are starting to be announced for Bristol’s well-established Comics Expo. Once again hosted by the British Empire & Commonwealth Exhibition Hall and… Read More ›

Digital Comics APA

The Temple APA is currently looking for contributors to its first Digital Comics Anthology, deadline 1st May 2008. For those who’ve never heard of the Temple (formerly titled ‘Temple of Heroes’), it’s the UK’s longest running comics anthology, whose membership… Read More ›

Calling Fireball Agents!

FIREBALL FOR HIRE Mysteries solved – problems licked – lost things found – crooks straightened out – anytime – any place BUT… ONLY TOUGH JOBS ACCEPTED. Do you recognise this man? As the agent/adventurer from D C Thomson’s mid-1970s Bullet… Read More ›

Who Watches the Watchnuts?

Good Grief! Charlie Brown as Doctor Manhattan? Young art star Evan Shaner has mimicked cartoonist Charles Schulz by combining his Peanuts characters and the Watchmen. The drawing includes Charlie Brown as Doctor Manhattan, Linus as The Comedian, Schroeder as Ozymandias,… Read More ›