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Borderliners Launched

Salford-based writer and artist Brian Gorman is launching a brand new comic book this month, and his work, employing some of the techniques used by Dan Dare creator Frank Hampson and featuring the likeness of Sir Ian McKellen in a… Read More ›

Comics on My Radio

How do cartoonists choose the words for their speech bubbles? And – although we call them “speech” bubbles or balloons – how close are they to real speech? The language of cartoons, comics and graphic novels was the subject of… Read More ›

Bulletproof Launches!

New UK-based comic book publisher Bulletproof Comics has announced the launch of its updated website and the release of its first issue # 0. “It’s certainly taken longer than we expected,” said Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, Matt Yeo, “but it’s great… Read More ›

Chinese Copyright Theft

(with thanks to Matthew Badham): Illustrator Darren Di Lieto and British artist Jonathan Edwards are just two of many creators on the warpath after discovering a Hong Kong-based publisher has illegally used illustrations and interviews conducted by Darren in a… Read More ›

Another DFC Strip Revealed

Following up on yesterday’s post about Neill Cameron’s strip for DFC, Mobot High, comes this image of Dave Windett’s strip for the new British weekly, subscription-only title, Lazarus Lemming. Dave’s credits include Simpsons Comics, Korky the Cat for The Dandy,… Read More ›